Recommended Bridesmaid Dress Color

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Although yellow is a warm color, few people wear this color in beautiful feeling. Of course, if the bridesmaid is white, it is suitable for wearing warm yellow gowns at the wedding scene.

Green is a healthy color, very suitable for natural outdoor wedding and retro wedding. If the new person is holding this kind of theme wedding, it means that the growth and luxuriant green is the choice of bridesmaid dress color.

Fresh blue is also a calm color for people to hold a wedding at the beach, or to hold a nautical Navy wedding. Blue is the essential color of wedding. When choosing a dress for a bridesmaid, you can choose blue, light blue, dark blue, sapphire, and blue green according to the maid of honor.

Purple represents elegance and beauty. Whether it is decorating the wedding scene or wearing a dress color on people, it always creates temperament. No matter what kind of purple it is, the bride can buy it to a bridesmaid, because it is suitable for all kinds of complexion and hair color.

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