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Red carpet links, the guests are dressed in the era of the Republic of China style dress or western style formal dress: Wang Xiaofei’s black formal banquet dress English, Feng Lun, Cao Kefan in the traditional Chinese mountain suit, unique Chinese culture, the founder of the College of Tian Pujun’s appearance is particularly stunning. She chose the white bottom printed cheongsam with the high neckband and middle sleeve design, generous and dignified and fashion style, showing elegant temperament. Wang Xiaofei chose black formal banquet dress to appear in the air, but Feng Lun and Cao Kefan wore traditional Chinese tunic suits.

“DAN fashion high show” opens the curtain for the dinner party. Zheng Xiaodan, a famous designer, combines the simple lines of western style dress with the bright colors of Western and Chinese embroideries to make the costumes bloom with new vitality. The fine texture and the combination of Chinese and Western ideas and the spirit of the banquet complement each other. The graceful posture and noble qualities of the model make the whole night full of charm.

After the host Cao Kefan announced the formal start of the dinner, a review of the course of the ceremony was played on the big screen, and the video summed up the drop and harvest of Chengli for two years, and it was warm and beautiful.

In the subsequent speech session, Tian Pujun once again became the focus of the audience. Her makeup is exquisite, accompanied by a pure white dress, elegant and noble. The Tiffany jewelry she wears is also complementary to her beautiful posture: the Minus Victoria series cluster hand chain is inspired by the glittering and luster of the supreme diamond, the fancy cut combination, and the elegant fashion; the Flower Cluster Earrings inlay the diamonds in a perfect proportion.

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