Purple dress does not satisfy all

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The bridesmaid dress of the actress’s wedding is a wonderful drama. It is impressive that it should be the two bridesmaid dresses on Huang Xiaoming’s and Angelababy’s wedding, the first set of two sets of ancient costume, and the big maids of Ni Ni, which makes the clothes super high, street pat and dresses without fault; the second sets of purple dresses also don’t show the beauty of the stars.

Purple dresses are the most common bridesmaid gowns for star weddings, but they are most often spillover. Italian beach wear is poor, but in fact it comes from the design of an international brand.

Coco Lee’s bridesmaid is the two elder sister and stepdaughter, choosing the purple dress with high saturation. Ordinarily married rich people are not bad money, but the bridesmaid dress is not high-grade at all, and foreigners can not control purple dress.

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