The trend of 2018 bridesmaid dresses

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Although “Millennium pink” has been occupied for some time, the latest incarnation of this trend is not as soft as dark pink and slightly purple, and the color choice of nostalgic roses is almost seen in all the bridesmaid dress series in 2018.

The jewel hue of autumn has grabbed the fashion of this season’s bridesmaid dress show. These popular tones add sexy colors, which is in sharp contrast to the soft tones we used to see. From ruby to yellow green, even turquoise, the designer shows a series of gorgeous colors that are completely changing the appearance and feeling of the bridesmaid dresses.

Lovers of glittering and charismatic brides will like the new trend of sequins and sequins, which is to a large extent the impact of wedding scenes. “In 2017, almost everyone wanted their bridesmaids to wear some kind of metal,” they said. “But this year, they decided to mix in a pair of rose, gold, or silver – Shue pants suit.” If you want your bridesmaids to wear fashionable clothes, the metal pants suit is definitely a good choice.

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