Learn how to choose a beautiful bridesmaid dress

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The selection rule of bridesmaid dresses. For the bride and the bridesmaid, choosing the bridesmaid dress is a test, it is beautiful but can not grab the bride’s head, to be decent and easy to act, in case of the choice of dresses, the friendship between the two sides will have to experience the test. Let’s take a look at the rules of Bridesmaid Dress selection.

Light baby powder, ice blue and water green are the most popular colors in the bridesmaid skirt. They are gentle, not looking for the mirror, and the romantic atmosphere of the wedding is very fit. However, bright pink, purple red and fresh orange are easy to be tacky. They not only snatch the sight of the protagonist but also make the wedding more ugly.

If you like the purple department, you can choose something that is shallow or even blue, so that the bridesmaids are similarly gentle and air.

Bridesmaid Dress selection rules make your wedding more delicious.

Unless you especially like the color of wine red and dark green to control yourself, you can still avoid a deep color, because the bride can not be highlighted under the strong mass of the bridesmaid.

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