5 tips on how to wear suitable evening dress

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Traditionally, single rows of double grain buckles or single grain buckles are often used for the tuxedo. In the neckline detail, the green collar and the big tie collar are the most common styles. Besides, velvet dress is also a modern formal occasion with high appearance. The name of the dress is the smoking jacket Le Smoking. At the beginning, it was the upper class man who took off the tuxedo and smoked in the smoking room after the end of the dinner. And this kind of smoking dress is usually made of velvet fabric.

You still need a dress coat when it’s cold. The coat is very light, black or blue, swan fur collar long coat, usually knee deep.

Evening scarves are usually made of pure silk and fur, mostly white and beige scarves. They are also the best match for evening coats. Of course, they can also dress up.

Dress shirts are of many styles, usually with a chest and chest lining, a wing neck like a bird’s wing at the collar, and a pleated shirt on the chest. The sleeves of the dress shirts are mostly French sleeves that fold up and need cufflinks. This dress shirt underneath the chest has a unique design. The small cloth can go through the buttonhole and be fastened by buttons below. This is done so that during the movement, the shirt will not jump up and will be flattened under the waist.

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