Month: May 2018

What dress should you wear for a dinner?

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First of all, keep in mind in social business situations: the principle of respecting participants is not to show off. The social occasion in China is not very formal for certain reasons, such as the tuxedo which is often seen in foreign countries. The tie suggests not to wear the past. It is too formal.

The recommended mix is general casual wear. As for why light colored shirts are used, it is easier to see if they are accidentally poured into drinks such as wine.

Pay attention to some collocation problems, such as leather shoes should be with dark socks, the collar of the shirt should be about two inches higher than the suit, and the sleeves of the shirt should reveal some details on the outside of the suit sleeves and the til of the shirt.

Finally, pay attention to the principles of business social interaction: equality and mutual respect. It means that if you wear a brand name, pay attention to the trademark, the belt is best to buy that brand, and the items that you carry can’t be seen. If you carry watches, the best is 1-3 times the annual salary between the best.