Tips on selecting orthodox dress

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To avoid clothing being too orthodox or too casual, fashion elements can be added to the details. If it is to wear a suit with a fashionable lace and lace, the coat is equipped with an alternative small sling, with a bright color, a bead piece, a five colored splice and a sexy bra.

The bridesmaid skirt should not be too short, so as to avoid outdoors activities and not match the occasion.

The bridesmaid dress is simpler than the bride’s. The dress style is between the evening dress and the leisure dress. Do not choose long mop. This is too grand and can be focused on the small dress.

Recommended Bridesmaid Dress Color

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Although yellow is a warm color, few people wear this color in beautiful feeling. Of course, if the bridesmaid is white, it is suitable for wearing warm yellow gowns at the wedding scene.

Green is a healthy color, very suitable for natural outdoor wedding and retro wedding. If the new person is holding this kind of theme wedding, it means that the growth and luxuriant green is the choice of bridesmaid dress color.

Fresh blue is also a calm color for people to hold a wedding at the beach, or to hold a nautical Navy wedding. Blue is the essential color of wedding. When choosing a dress for a bridesmaid, you can choose blue, light blue, dark blue, sapphire, and blue green according to the maid of honor.

Purple represents elegance and beauty. Whether it is decorating the wedding scene or wearing a dress color on people, it always creates temperament. No matter what kind of purple it is, the bride can buy it to a bridesmaid, because it is suitable for all kinds of complexion and hair color.

Clever Bridesmaid Dress matching

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Clever Bridesmaid Dress matching can not only enhance the bride’s aura, but also create a wedding atmosphere easily. Let’s take a look at the rules of bridesmaid dress.

The bride’s wedding dress is pure white, and the color of the bridesmaid dress should be chosen with a gentle color. A bridesmaid can also choose an elegant and light coloured dress, but the bright colors will have the suspicion of making noise. Light colors: such as powder green, champagne, and pink dress, not only for bridesmaids, but also for the perfect skin of the bride.

The dress is a breast with a unique ribbon on the waist, and a simple style can make the bridesmaid look beautiful and generous. If winter is not enough for the maid of honor, a long dress can be selected, and it can also cater for the solemn atmosphere of the wedding ceremony. But the bridesmaid’s dress can’t be overdecorated and embellished. The whole line can keep the good figure of the bridesmaid.

Choose styles to go match with bridesmaid dress

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Hand-made lace, a needle, showing the delicate beauty. The dim and hazy texture is particularly sexy. X modified version is suitable for all girls, a little wide shoulder, tight waist, natural and open hem, soft and graceful, delicate lines, delicately delicately outline the slim waist, and most can reflect the graceful temperament of women!

Stylish and Boxer bridesmaid dress, highlights the slender neck and charming chest shape, full of attractive colors. Lovely bow ornament is more delicate waist, more noble and elegant temperament. The gauze has a skirt and a flower bud. As beautiful as a flower fairy, clean and vulgarity.

Plate design modifies stereoscopic cutting. Three dimensional waist, perfect process design, wearing high and thin, smooth lines. Exquisite zipper, perfect slimming effect, easy to wear. Full of celebrities, the bridesmaids are very suitable for wearing. The sexy shoulders of the shoulders are generous and elegant.

It is romantic, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and romantic. Like water, smooth lines outline the charming shoulder, attractive clavicle and fragrant necks, lace and flower crystal crystal, and the charm of purple charm.

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Purple dress does not satisfy all

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The bridesmaid dress of the actress’s wedding is a wonderful drama. It is impressive that it should be the two bridesmaid dresses on Huang Xiaoming’s and Angelababy’s wedding, the first set of two sets of ancient costume, and the big maids of Ni Ni, which makes the clothes super high, street pat and dresses without fault; the second sets of purple dresses also don’t show the beauty of the stars.

Purple dresses are the most common bridesmaid gowns for star weddings, but they are most often spillover. Italian beach wear is poor, but in fact it comes from the design of an international brand.

Coco Lee’s bridesmaid is the two elder sister and stepdaughter, choosing the purple dress with high saturation. Ordinarily married rich people are not bad money, but the bridesmaid dress is not high-grade at all, and foreigners can not control purple dress.

The trend of 2018 bridesmaid dresses

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Although “Millennium pink” has been occupied for some time, the latest incarnation of this trend is not as soft as dark pink and slightly purple, and the color choice of nostalgic roses is almost seen in all the bridesmaid dress series in 2018.

The jewel hue of autumn has grabbed the fashion of this season’s bridesmaid dress show. These popular tones add sexy colors, which is in sharp contrast to the soft tones we used to see. From ruby to yellow green, even turquoise, the designer shows a series of gorgeous colors that are completely changing the appearance and feeling of the bridesmaid dresses.

Lovers of glittering and charismatic brides will like the new trend of sequins and sequins, which is to a large extent the impact of wedding scenes. “In 2017, almost everyone wanted their bridesmaids to wear some kind of metal,” they said. “But this year, they decided to mix in a pair of rose, gold, or silver – Shue pants suit.” If you want your bridesmaids to wear fashionable clothes, the metal pants suit is definitely a good choice.

Learn how to choose a beautiful bridesmaid dress

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The selection rule of bridesmaid dresses. For the bride and the bridesmaid, choosing the bridesmaid dress is a test, it is beautiful but can not grab the bride’s head, to be decent and easy to act, in case of the choice of dresses, the friendship between the two sides will have to experience the test. Let’s take a look at the rules of Bridesmaid Dress selection.

Light baby powder, ice blue and water green are the most popular colors in the bridesmaid skirt. They are gentle, not looking for the mirror, and the romantic atmosphere of the wedding is very fit. However, bright pink, purple red and fresh orange are easy to be tacky. They not only snatch the sight of the protagonist but also make the wedding more ugly.

If you like the purple department, you can choose something that is shallow or even blue, so that the bridesmaids are similarly gentle and air.

Bridesmaid Dress selection rules make your wedding more delicious.

Unless you especially like the color of wine red and dark green to control yourself, you can still avoid a deep color, because the bride can not be highlighted under the strong mass of the bridesmaid.

How much do you know about choosing a correct bridesmaid dress?

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Green is a comfortable color. Fresh colors produce gentle and gentle notes. It is the best color for people to seek tranquility and ease. Whether the bead wipes or the deep V embroidery. This wedding bridesmaid dress, you can create a fresh mint girl’s sweet appearance.

The green delicate embroidered dress makes the bridesmaid also become the fresh and beautiful scenery in the wedding ceremony, showing the superb craft of the designer in detail. The first half is a close fitting design, and the latter part uses Mermaid style gauze skirt, setting off the elegant maid of maid of honor.

The whole dress is full of flower elements, pink flowers embellished on the embossing, and neatly laid out of the outer layer of gauze to make the shape of the flower, bringing a fresh feeling to the people.

Compared with the first two dress, the green dress is more mature, the front is a deep V collar, behind the whole dress is the highlight of the design, the back of the bridesmaid’s back full sexy blooming, her feminine taste will not be able to resist.

Western orthodox dress

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Red carpet links, the guests are dressed in the era of the Republic of China style dress or western style formal dress: Wang Xiaofei’s black formal banquet dress English, Feng Lun, Cao Kefan in the traditional Chinese mountain suit, unique Chinese culture, the founder of the College of Tian Pujun’s appearance is particularly stunning. She chose the white bottom printed cheongsam with the high neckband and middle sleeve design, generous and dignified and fashion style, showing elegant temperament. Wang Xiaofei chose black formal banquet dress to appear in the air, but Feng Lun and Cao Kefan wore traditional Chinese tunic suits.

“DAN fashion high show” opens the curtain for the dinner party. Zheng Xiaodan, a famous designer, combines the simple lines of western style dress with the bright colors of Western and Chinese embroideries to make the costumes bloom with new vitality. The fine texture and the combination of Chinese and Western ideas and the spirit of the banquet complement each other. The graceful posture and noble qualities of the model make the whole night full of charm.

After the host Cao Kefan announced the formal start of the dinner, a review of the course of the ceremony was played on the big screen, and the video summed up the drop and harvest of Chengli for two years, and it was warm and beautiful.

In the subsequent speech session, Tian Pujun once again became the focus of the audience. Her makeup is exquisite, accompanied by a pure white dress, elegant and noble. The Tiffany jewelry she wears is also complementary to her beautiful posture: the Minus Victoria series cluster hand chain is inspired by the glittering and luster of the supreme diamond, the fancy cut combination, and the elegant fashion; the Flower Cluster Earrings inlay the diamonds in a perfect proportion.

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5 tips on how to wear suitable evening dress

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Traditionally, single rows of double grain buckles or single grain buckles are often used for the tuxedo. In the neckline detail, the green collar and the big tie collar are the most common styles. Besides, velvet dress is also a modern formal occasion with high appearance. The name of the dress is the smoking jacket Le Smoking. At the beginning, it was the upper class man who took off the tuxedo and smoked in the smoking room after the end of the dinner. And this kind of smoking dress is usually made of velvet fabric.

You still need a dress coat when it’s cold. The coat is very light, black or blue, swan fur collar long coat, usually knee deep.

Evening scarves are usually made of pure silk and fur, mostly white and beige scarves. They are also the best match for evening coats. Of course, they can also dress up.

Dress shirts are of many styles, usually with a chest and chest lining, a wing neck like a bird’s wing at the collar, and a pleated shirt on the chest. The sleeves of the dress shirts are mostly French sleeves that fold up and need cufflinks. This dress shirt underneath the chest has a unique design. The small cloth can go through the buttonhole and be fastened by buttons below. This is done so that during the movement, the shirt will not jump up and will be flattened under the waist.

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